Code of Ethics for Research

Code of Ethics for Research

Researcher in the institute must abide the principles of research ethics.

Follow the famous Idioms “Honesty is the Best Policy.”

  • Research must be done for own original ideas.
  • Researcher must keep documents as testimonials for activities like data collection, correspondences.
  • Must be open to criticism or comments for own research.
  • Do not use unpublished data, methods, or results without permission.
  • Acknowledge all contributions made by others to the research.
  • Avoid plagiarism in any form.

Follow the non disclosure policy wherever needed such as confidential communications, trade
or military records.

  • Good manners and respect in the research group will be highly solicited
  • Research should be socially and public benefit oriented.
  • Do not carry out any unwanted experiments on the animals.

Following should be defined as Misconduct:

  • Publishing or submitting the same paper in two different journals without telling the editors
  • Avoid use of unnecessary material / technique to improve the impact of the research work.
  • Using any offensive and personal comments for any author in your manuscript.
  • Spoiling / copying others work in the laboratory.
  • Stealing supplies, books, or data from laboratory / library / office.